May was an exciting month here at Simunye! Co-founder David Carel returned to KwaZulu Natal, South Africa for his third summer to work with the youth in the Weenen-Msinga area. This time, his focus was with the Weenen youth at Simunye, preparing them to lead the next life skill training scheduled for the end of the month. Carel brought a friend this time, Max Gering, who recently graduated high school from Carel’s alma mater.  Gering spent his time training the youth in computer skills for two weeks thanks to two old computers donated from the Umtshezi Municipality. The youth were taught introduction to the computer, Microsoft Word and typing skills. For many of the youth, this was their first time touching a computer. The youth were extremely happy to finally learn their way around a computer! Thank you, Max!

Carel and Peace Corps Volunteer Ryan Ruggiero worked hard to revise and improve the life skills manual and to implement the facilitators training for youth who would facilitate the next life skills training. On May 10th 10 of Simunye’s youth from Weenen and two from Tugela Ferry arrived at the Sam-Lyn Education Centre in Weenen, at the home of Les and Hazel Stanley. The training lasted two days and covered facilitation techniques, facilitation challenges and possible solutions as well as communication and leadership which were led by teachers Hazel and Les Stanley. The youth also learned different ice breakers and team building activities which will help them when they train the new youth. The youth had a wonderful time and learned what it takes to be a successful facilitator!

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