Forty youth attended the first day of Life Skills Training in Ezitendeni Hall on Tuesday, May 28. Most of the youth are from the area, while 10 of the youth are from Thembalihle, a rural area in Weenen about 15km from Ezitendeni. The youth were eager to learn about vision and goal setting and to hear more about the program. The training will last 6-7 weeks with life skills sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mornings. On Wednesdays the youth are encouraged to visit the centre for fun sports and games activities in the afternoon to help them get to know each other better in a more relaxed setting. The training has just completed the 2nd week and there are still 30 youth in the training. Worldview, healing of the past, listening and communication, volunteerism and leadership were all covered in these two weeks. The youth played netball and soccer on Wednesday! The facilitators and other Simunye youth members have done an excellent job facilitating the sessions and making the training fun and empowering for everyone involved!

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