This week marks the official start of Simunye Youth Development Project’s life skills training. The three week training began on Monday in Ezitendeni Hall in Weenen. Thirty new out-of-school, unemployed youth attended the training to gain more life skills and career guidance.

The training will cover sessions including vision and goal setting, leadership, volunteering, communication, relationships, budgeting and savings, entreperneurship, personal development, HIV transmission and prevention, pregnancy and STIs and peer education. Youth who complete the training will be eligible for computer and business training after they complete the volunteer portion of the program.

The life skills manual is heavily based off of SLOT and World Changers Academy’s Life Skills Manual (two organizations in PMB and DBN respectively).they developed the manual about 10 years and have been using it with out of school youth in their area. While the manual was a great jumping off point, we decided to revamp it by modifying some sessions and adding some of our own including the Stars of Tomorrow HIV peer education training and Operation Hope’s Banking on our future finance training. We believe that this new and improved life skills training will greatly benefit the youth in the rural Weenen-Msinga area who are in desperate need of guidance in life and careers as well as with empowerment and skill development.


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