21 new members joined Simunye after they spent six weeks volunteering in the community! The youth volunteered their time with the Stars of Tomorrow at Siyanakekela Community Care Centre, a nearby NPO in Ezitendeni. The peer educators administered surveys and health talks about sugar daddies, HIV and pregnancy reaching over 700 community members in only 6 weeks! In the spirit of celebrating their new membership to Simunye, the youth planned and organized a braii and drama night for all members on May 17. The drama was written, practiced and performed by the youth themselves and was about a girl who is rapped by her father and subsequently struggles in school. Later the father is caught by some neighbors and then is arrested by the police when the mother reports the crime. The youth did an excellent job portraying all too real events of what happens in their community. The drama was followed by singing and a delicious braii!


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